About The Blackstone

Tim and Stacy chose The Blackstone to celebrate their big day because they fell in love with its beauty and rich Chicago history since 1910.

Legendary mob bosses put The Blackstone on the map in Chicago’s crime world, from Al Capone's frequent visits to The Blackstone's barbershop, to "Lucky" Luciano hosting the first-ever national Crime Convention in the Crystal Ballroom. The Windy City has a notorious political history, and the (in)famous political saying “smoke-filled room” originated inside the suite where Tim and Stacy will be spending the night.

But it’s not all about the crime: nicknamed “The Hotel of Presidents,” The Blackstone has hosted a dozen chief executives, from Teddy Roosevelt to Jimmy Carter. In fact, President Truman was known for coming down to the lobby with a glass of bourbon to play piano.

Located on Michigan Avenue across from Grant Park, Tim and Stacy hope friends and family will enjoy the proximity to Chicago highlights, with the Art Institute, Navy Pier, Millennium Park, Shedd Aquarium, and Field Museum just minutes away!